Prices and House Rules

Rates and Payment:

  • 🏠 Main-house doubles @ ZAR 550 per room.
  • Dorm @ ZAR 175 per person. 8 beds available.
  • ⛺ Camping @ ZAR 125.
  • A-frames not available anymore.
  • ‼ A 50% deposit (non-refundable) is necessary to confirm booking. Email us and we’ll send you a quote with banking details for an EFT.
  • ✉
  • If you want an exclusive experience, you are welcome to book the entire location for ZAR 2000 per night.

Rules and Requests:

  • Water is a precious resource.
  • 🚫Seriously, NO smoking 🚭 inside, or just outside the doors, please. It’s the law, now. If one does smoke, it is always better to smoke in the fresh air while enjoying the glorious view!
  • 🚫Please don’t litter cigarette butts. Ashtrays are provided.
  • 🚫No feeding the monkeys, please. They become a nuisance. Please keep your groceries in the cupboard.
  • ✔⚠Please be considerate of others. Cleaning up after yourself makes it nicer for all. Remember the stove top also needs cleaning after use. Thank you.
  • ✔✔Musical instruments welcome.
  • ✔✔We are pet-tolerant. We have 4 large dogs, and a cat.
  • 🚫Animals are NOT allowed inside the main house. Please keep your pet obedient.
  • ✔✔We compost, so all scraps go into compost bin, including egg shells. Meaty scraps are put aside for the dogs.
  • Washing and drip-drying of any soiled container is required to prevent inadvertent littering by animals.
  • 🚫We are not nudist-friendly, unless you book the entire venue. The beach is a great place to have it all hang out!
  • ✔✔Please take a container of any sort to pick up trash when you go for a walk and keep our earth clean.

  • Driftwood sculpture.